Base Set 2 Complete Master Set (130/130) 2000 [MP-DMG]



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Up for sale is a rare and highly sought-after item - a complete master set of Pokémon Card Base Set 2 from the year 2000! This set is a must-have for any serious Pokémon card collector, as it includes all 130 cards from the set, including rare and powerful cards like Charizard, Blastoise, and Venusaur. Includes 130 cards total, all possible holographic, rare, common, and uncommon Base Set 2 cards. 

Base Set 2 was the fourth set of cards to be released, and is a compilation of different Pokémon and artworks from the Base Set and Jungle Set. The symbol for this set resembles a number 2 with a Pokéball in the center. There are 130 cards total in Base Set 2. Base Set 2 was originally released in February of 2000. 

The Base Set 2 was the follow-up to the original Base Set and was released in 2000. It features classic Pokémon characters from the first generation, and the cards are highly valued for their nostalgic and collectible appeal. This complete set is in excellent condition, with all cards stored and shipped carefully and meticulously in an included side-load binder!

The set includes a wide variety of cards, from common to rare, and features artwork and designs unique to the Base Set 2. Whether you're a long-time collector or a newcomer to the world of Pokémon cards, this complete set is sure to be a prized addition to your collection.

Don't miss your chance to own this rare and valuable item - buy now and add the Pokémon Base Set 2 Complete Set (130/130) to your collection today!

All cards are authentic, official Pokémon TCG (Trading Card Game) Cards. All cards are in English. All cards are raw (ungraded) unless otherwise stated. Card conditions in this particular set range from Moderately Played to Damaged. This means that damaged cards may be included in this set. Cards are carefully stored and shipped protected in an included high-quality side load binder. Send us an e-mail at or use the chat feature to ask for photos of the complete set for sale or any individual cards! We sell a large number of sets and the set in the photographs may be a set that we previously sold and not the exact cards for sale! For more information be sure to check our Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) section! 

Base Set 2 Complete Master Set (130/130) 2000 Card List:

1/130 Alakazam

2/130 Blastoise

3/130 Chansey

4/130 Charizard

5/130 Clefable

6/130 Clefairy

7/130 Gyarados

8/130 Hitmonchan

9/130 Magneton

10/130 Mewtwo

11/130 Nidoking

12/130 Nidoqueen

13/130 Ninetales

14/130 Pidgeot

15/130 Poliwrath

16/130 Raichu

17/130 Scyther

18/130 Venusaur

19/130 Wigglytuff

20/130 Zapdos

21/130 Beedrill

22/130 Dragonair

23/130 Dugtrio

24/130 Electabuzz

25/130 Electrode

26/130 Kangaskhan

27/130 Mr. Mime

28/130 Pidgeotto

29/130 Pinsir

30/130 Snorlax

31/130 Venomoth

32/130 Victreebel

33/130 Arcanine

34/130 Butterfree

35/130 Charmeleon

36/130 Dewgong

37/130 Dodrio

38/130 Dratini

39/130 Exeggutor

40/130 Farfetch'd 

41/130 Fearow

42/130 Growlithe

43/130 Haunter

44/130 Ivysaur

45/130 Jynx

46/130 Kadabra

47/130 Kakuna

48/130 Lickiting

49/130 Machoke

50/130 Magikarp

51/130 Magmar

52/130 Marowak

53/130 Nidorina

54/130 Nidorino

55/130 Parasect

56/130 Persian

57/130 Poliwhirl

58/130 Raticate

59/130 Rhydon

60/130 Seaking

61/130 Seel

62/130 Tauros

63/130 Wartortle

64/130 Weepinbell

65/130 Abra

66/130 Bellsprout

67/130 Bulbasaur

68/130 Caterpie

69/130 Charmander

70/130 Cubone

71/130 Diglett

72/130 Doduo

73/130 Drowzee

74/130 Exeggcute

75/130 Gastly

76/130 Goldeen

77/130 Jigglypuff

78/130 Machop

79/130 Magnemite

80/130 Meowth

81/130 Metapod

82/130 Nidoran F

83/130 Nidoran M

84/130 Onix

85/130 Paras

86/130 Pidgey

87/130 Pikachu

88/130 Poliwag

89/130 Rattata

90/130 Rhyhorn

91/130 Sandshrew 

92/130 Spearow

93/130 Squirtle

94/130 Starmie

95/130 Staryu

96/130 Tangela

97/130 Venonat

98/130 Voltorb

99/130 Vulpix

100/130 Weedle

101/130 Computer Search

102/130 Imposter Professor Oak

103/130 Item Finder

104/130 Lass

105/130 Pokémon Breeder

106/130 Pokémon Trader 

107/130 Scoop Up

108/130 Super Energy Removal

109/130 Defender

110/130 Energy Retrieval

111/130 Full Heal

112/130 Maintenance

113/130 PlusPower

114/130 Pokemon Center

115/130 Pokedex

116/130 Professor Oak

117/130 Super Potion

118/130 Bill

119/130 Energy Removal

120/130 Gust of Wind

121/130 Poke Ball

122/130 Potion

123/130 Switch

124/130 Double Colorless Energy

125/130 Fighting Energy

126/130 Fire Energy

127/130 Grass Energy

128/130 Lightning Energy

129/130 Psychic Energy

130/130 Water Energy

Disclaimer: Please note that while the images shown on our listings are not pictures of the exact cards in each set. You will receive one of each of the cards shown in the photos, but the cards received will not be the exact cards pictured. These images are from previously sold sets and serve as a reference. Every card is unique and the actual cards you receive may vary from those shown in the images. We adhere to card condition guidelines and are committed to transparency in our descriptions and titles. For additional peace of mind, we welcome requests for front and back close-ups of any specific cards prior to your purchase. By placing an order, you acknowledge and agree to these terms.