1st Edition Jungle (64/64) Complete Set 1999


SKU: 1st Ed Jungle 64/64 1999 NM-MP

Pokémon 1st Edition Jungle Complete Master Set (64/64). Includes all 64 Jungle cards. All holos from this set ship in individual sleeves and toploaders. 

Jungle was the second Pokémon TCG expansion set to be released. The set was released on June 16 1999. The set contains 64 cards total, and the card symbol for the expansion looks similar to a Vileplume. 

All cards are authentic, official Pokémon TCG (Trading Card Game) Cards. All cards are in English. All cards are raw (ungraded) unless otherwise stated. Card conditions in this particular set range from Near Mint to Moderately Played. Cards are carefully stored and shipped protected in an included high-quality side load binder. Send us an e-mail at info@tradingcardsets.com or use the chat feature to ask for photos of the complete set for sale or any individual cards! We sell a large number of sets and the set in the photographs may be a set that we previously sold and not the exact cards for sale! For more information be sure to check our Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) section! 

1st Edition Jungle (64/64) Complete Master Set Card List

1/64 Clefable (Holo)

2/64 Electrode (Holo)

3/64 Flareon (Holo)

4/64 Jolteon (Holo)

5/64 Kangaskhan (Holo)

6/64 Mr. Mime (Holo)

7/64 Nidoqueen (Holo)

8/64 Pidgeot (Holo)

9/64 Pinsir (Holo)

10/64 Scyther (Holo)

11/64 Snorlax (Holo)

12/64 Vaporeon (Holo)

13/64 Venemoth (Holo)

14/64 Victreebel (Holo)

15/64 Vileplume (Holo)

16/64 Wigglytuff (Holo)

17/64 Clefable

18/64 Electrode

19/64 Flareon

20/64 Jolteon

21/64 Kangaskhan 

22/64 Mr. Mime

23/64 Nidoqueen

24/64 Pidgeot

25/64 Pinsir 

26/64 Scyther

27/64 Snorlax

28/64 Vaporeon

29/64 Venemoth

30/64 Victreebel

31/64 Vileplume

32/64 Wigglytuff

33/64 Butterfree

34/64 Dodrio

35/64 Exeggutor

36/64 Fearow

37/64 Gloom

38/64 Lickitung

39/64 Marowak

40/64 Nidorina

41/64 Parasect

42/64 Persian

43/64 Primeape

44/64 Rapidash

45/64 Rhydon

46/64 Seaking

47/64 Tauros

48/64 Weepinbell

49/64 Bellsprout

50/64 Cubone

51/64 Eevee

52/64 Exeggcute

53/64 Goldeen

54/64 Jigglypuff

55/64 Mankey

56/64 Meowth

57/64 Nidoran

58/64 Oddish

59/64 Paras

60/64 Pikachu

61/64 Rhyhorn

62/64 Spearow

63/64 Venonat

64/64 Poke Ball

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