4 Best Places to Buy Pokemon Cards Complete Sets

4 Best Places to Buy Pokemon Cards Complete Sets

If you are looking to purchase a Pokémon Complete Master Set for your collection, you might be wondering where to start. You may choose to purchase a complete set from an online card shop, from an ebay seller, or from individuals on a range of other marketplaces. This guide should give you a few places to start looking for the next Pokémon complete set to add to your collection!

1. eBay

eBay is a great resource for purchasing Pokémon Cards. For high-valued cards, eBay now offers built-in authentication services so that you can purchase with confidence. Be careful when purchasing complete sets on ebay, as many sellers try to sneak in creased or damaged cards in order to reduce the costs of their sets. Due to very steep eBay fees, it may be more expensive to purchase the same complete sets on ebay than in other places (like TradingCardSets.com). Make sure to always check ebay sellers ratings and read through reviews of recent complete set sales. If you are looking for Pokemon TCG Complete Sets on ebay, we recommend starting here -https://www.ebay.com/usr/justinxverley

2. Facebook Groups

One great place to look for people selling their Pokemon Cards Complete Sets is in Facebook Groups. There are hundreds of Pokémon TCG Facebook communities dedicated to buying, selling, and trading Pokémon cards. 

There is a public Facebook Group dedicated specifically to buying, selling, or trading Pokémon Complete Master Sets. To join the Facebook Group Click Here or visit this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/262807892092057

You can create posts letting communities know which sets you are looking to purchase, or you can browse recent posts to see what is available. If you see something you like, simply message the individual. If you are purchasing from someone random on Facebook, be sure to pay using Paypal Goods & Services so that you are protected as a buyer in case of fraud. 

3. TCGplayer.com

TCGplayer.com is a huge trading card marketplace where you can find virtually any trading card you are looking for at market price. They have clear condition standards and buyer protections. When shopping on TCGplayer, you are generally purchasing from a number of different card shops around the United States. While TCGplayer is a great place to buy raw single Pokémon cards, it is not a great place to buy complete sets or graded cards. 

If you are looking for a reliable TCGPlayer Seller with competitive prices, we recommend Disco Cardz (based out of Florida). 

4. TradingCardSets.Com

If you would rather not deal with purchasing individual cards and want authentic, quality-assured Pokémon Complete Sets, look no further than TradingCardSets.Com. TradingCardSets.Com purchases single cards at bulk pricing, inspects them for quality standards, and processes returns in order to build Pokémon complete master sets for sale in fantastic condition. Because they process sales directly instead of through eBay or another marketplace, they save upwards of 20% on costs and can usually offer the cheapest sets in the best condition. 



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