Base Set 102/102 vs. Original 151/150 Complete Set

What's the difference between Base Set 1999 and the Original 151/150 set?

In the Pokémon TCG world, Base Sets and Original 151/150 Complete Sets are frequently confused. One reason for this is likely because these are both the most popular sets for binder collectors to purchase for the first time.

Base Set is the first official Pokémon TCG Set. The set was released in 1999 and contains 102 cards total including Pokémon, trainers, and energy cards. Base Sets (102/102) are for sale at TradingCardSets.Com

The Original 151 Set on the other hand is actually composed of cards from three different sets. The Original 151/150 Set is not an Official Pokémon TCG Expansion or Set. True Original 151 sets contain cards from Base Set, Fossil Expansion Set, and Jungle Expansion Set (all released in 1999). Typically, the sets also contain a WOTC Black Star Promo Mew card. These sets contain all original 151 Pokémon from the Kanto Pokedex.

Many people are familiar with the Original 151 Pokémon from the television series or video game franchise. As a consequence, new collectors tend to gravitate toward Original 151 complete sets. Original 151/150 Complete Sets are for sale at TradingCardSets.Com

Does the Original 151 set include all Base Set, Fossil Set, and Jungle Set cards?

No, the Original 151 set does not include all cards from the Base, Fossil, and Jungle Sets. If it did include all cards from all three sets, it would contain 228 cards, rather than 151 cards. Original 151 Sets do not include any trainers or energy cards and only includes actual Pokémon. Additionally there are some Pokémon cards that are in both Base Set and Fossil Set, or in both Base Set and Jungle Set. Original 151 Sets typically only include one of each Pokémon, even if a Pokémon exists in both Base Set and an additional expansion set. 

So, which set is best for the average collector?

That depends on your collecting goals. If you intend to collect multiple vintage binders or sets, you most likely want to start with the Base Set 102/102, and then eventually complete or purchase a Fossil Set 62/62 and a Jungle Set 64/64. If you are looking for a single, popular set that is easy to resell, or if you are looking to own a complete Kanto Pokedex for nostalgia's sake, you may opt for an Original 151/150 set instead. 

Where can I buy a Base Set or Original 151/150 Complete Set?

Base Sets (102/102) and Original 151/150 Complete Sets are for sale at TradingCardSets.Com

You can also search for Base Sets or Original 151 Sets on our eBay Store 

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