Legendary Collection Complete Set (113/110) 2002 (No Reverse Foils)



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Meticulously collected, authentic Pokémon TCG Legendary Collection Complete Set. Excellent condition, no creases or dents on any of the cards. Comes with 113 cards total including 110 Holo and Nonholo Legendary Collection Cards and 3 Deck Exclusive Legendary Collection Nonholo Cards. This set does not include any reverse holofoil counterparts for any included cards. 

Legendary Collection is the 13th Pokémon TCG Expansion released by Wizards of the Coast. The set was released in May 2002. Legendary Collection includes 110 cards, 110 reverse foil counterparts for each card, 3 non-holo deck exclusive cards, and 4 oversized reverse foil box topper cards. This set is known for being the first Pokémon TCG set to introduce reverse holofoil cards. It is highly sought after by collectors due to its unique fireworks-pattern reverse holofoil design. 

All cards are authentic, official Pokémon TCG (Trading Card Game) Cards. All cards are in English. All cards are raw (ungraded) unless otherwise stated. Card conditions in this particular set range from Near Mint to Moderately Played. Cards are carefully stored and shipped protected in an included high-quality side load binder. Send us an e-mail at info@tradingcardsets.com or use the chat feature to ask for photos of the complete set for sale or any individual cards! We sell a large number of sets and the set in the photographs may be a set that we previously sold and not the exact cards for sale! For more information be sure to check our Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) section! 

Legendary Collection Complete Master Set (223/110) Card List: 

1/110 Alakazam

2/110 Articuno

3/110 Charizard

4/110 Dark Blastoise

5/110 Dark Dragonite

6/110 Dark Persian

7/110 Dark Raichu

8/110 Dark Slowbro

9/110 Dark Vaporeon

10/110 Flareon

11/110 Gengar

12/110 Gyarados

13/110 Hitmonlee

14/110 Jolteon

15/110 Machamp

16/110 Muk

17/110 Ninetales

18/110 Venusaur

19/110 Zapdos

20/110 Beedrill

21/110 Butterfree

22/110 Electrode

23/110 Exeggutor

24/110 Golem

25/110 Hypno

26/110 Jynx

27/110 Kabutops

28/110 Magneton

29/110 Mewtwo

30/110 Moltres

31/110 Nidoking

32/110 Nidoqueen

33/110 Pidgeot

34/110 Pidgeotto

35/110 Rhydon

36/110 Arcanine

37/110 Charmeleon

38/110 Dark Dragonair

39/110 Dark Wartortle

40/110 Dewgong

41/110 Dodrio

42/110 Fearow

43/110 Golduck

44/110 Graveler

45/110 Growlithe

46/110 Haunter

47/110 Ivysaur

48/110 Kabuto

49/110 Kadabra

50/110 Kakuna

51/110 Machoke

52/110 Magikarp

53/110 Meowth

54/110 Metapod

55/110 Nidorina

56/110 Nidorino

57/110 Omanyte

58/110 Omastar

59/110 Primeape

60/110 Rapidash

61/110 Raticate

62/110 Sandslash

63/110 Seadra

64/110 Snorlax

65/110 Tauros

66/110 Tentacruel

67/110 Abra

68/110 Bulbasaur

69/110 Caterpie

70/110 Charmander

71/110 Doduo

72/110 Dratini

73/110 Drowzee

74/110 Eevee

75/110 Exeggcute

76/110 Gastly

77/110 Geodude

78/110 Grimer

79/110 Machop

80/110 Magnemite

81/110 Mankey

82/110 Nidoran F

83/110 Nidoran M

84/110 Onix

85/110 Pidgey

86/110 Pikachu

87/110 Ponyta

88/110 Psyduck

89/110 Rattata

90/110 Rhyhorn

91/110 Sandshrew

92/110 Seel

93/110 Slowpoke

94/110 Spearow

95/110 Squirtle

96/110 Tentacool

97/110 Voltorb

98/110 Vulpix

99/110 Weedle

100/110 Full Heal Energy

101/110 Potion Energy

102/110 Pokemon Breeder

103/110 Pokemon Trader

104/110 Scoop Up

105/110 The Boss's Way

106/110 Challenge!

107/110 Energy Retrieval

108/110 Bill

109/110 Mysterious Fossil

110/110 Potion

Deck Exclusive: 7/110 Dark Raichu (Non-holo)

Deck Exclusive: 4/110 Dark Blastoise (Non-holo)

Deck Exclusive: 3/110 Charizard (Non-holo)

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