TOPPS Original 151 Series 1-3 Pokémon Complete Set



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Topps Pokémon TV nonholo animation collectible cards complete set, including all original 151 Pokémon from series 1, 2, and 3. Only includes the Pokémon cards, does not include all TV cards and episode cards. Cards are in lightly played to moderately played condition. Most cards are in lightly played condition. 

Includes a blend of black label, blue label, red label, and green label cards. Most cards are black label. This set is predominantly nonholo and priced as a nonholo set, but it does include a few holographic TOPPs cards. 

Disclaimer: Please note that while the images shown on our listings are not pictures of the exact cards in each set. You will receive one of each of the cards shown in the photos, but the cards received will not be the exact cards pictured. These images are from previously sold sets and serve as a reference. Every card is unique and the actual cards you receive may vary from those shown in the images. We adhere to card condition guidelines and are committed to transparency in our descriptions and titles. For additional peace of mind, we welcome requests for front and back close-ups of any specific cards prior to your purchase. By placing an order, you acknowledge and agree to these terms.