Why did Pokémon card prices take off in 2020?

In 2020, Pokémon cards saw a surge in popularity and value, becoming one of the hottest collectibles on the market. This sudden increase in value can be attributed to several factors.

First, the COVID-19 pandemic played a significant role in the rise of Pokémon cards. As lockdowns and stay-at-home orders went into effect, many people found themselves with more time and disposable income to spend on hobbies and collectibles. As a result, the demand for Pokémon cards skyrocketed.

Another factor was the release of Pokémon GO in 2016, which reignited interest in the franchise and introduced it to a new generation of fans. This new wave of popularity helped drive up the value of Pokémon cards, as fans and collectors sought to add rare and valuable cards to their collections.

In addition, the growth of social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram helped popularize Pokémon cards among younger generations. Influencers and collectors shared videos and photos of their collections, generating excitement and interest among viewers.

Finally, the scarcity of certain cards, particularly those from the first generation of Pokémon, also played a role in their increased value. As collectors sought to complete their sets, prices for these rare cards skyrocketed.

In conclusion, a combination of factors, including the COVID-19 pandemic, the popularity of Pokémon GO, the growth of social media, and the scarcity of certain cards, led to the rise in value of Pokémon cards in 2020. If you're a fan or collector of the franchise, now is a great time to start or add to your collection – who knows where the value of these cards will go in the future!

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