Neo Revelation Complete Master Set (66/64) 2001


SKU: Neo Revelation 66/64 2001 NM-MP

Pokémon TCG Complete Neo Revelation Master Set. Includes all 64 Neo Revelation Cards + Secret Rare Shining Gyarados and Shining Magikarp. 

Neo Revelation is the 11th Pokémon TCG expansion released by Wizards of the Coast. The set contains 66 cards total, including 2 secret cards (Shining Magikarp and Shining Gyarados). Neo Revelation was released in October 2001. This set is known for the introduction of shiny/shining Pokémon cards, which were limited to one per deck. 

All cards are authentic, official Pokémon TCG (Trading Card Game) Cards. All cards are in English. All cards are raw (ungraded) unless otherwise stated. Card conditions in this particular set range from Near Mint to Moderately Played. Cards are carefully stored and shipped protected in an included high-quality side load binder. Send us an e-mail at or use the chat feature to ask for photos of the complete set for sale or any individual cards! We sell a large number of sets and the set in the photographs may be a set that we previously sold and not the exact cards for sale! For more information be sure to check our Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) section! 

Neo Revelation Complete Master Set (66/64) 2001 Card List: 

1/64 Ampharos
2/64 Blissey
3/64 Celebi
4/64 Crobat
5/64 Delibird
6/64 Entei (6)
7/64 Ho-Oh (7)
8/64 Houndoom
9/64 Jumpluff
10/64 Magneton
11/64 Misdreavus
12/64 Porygon2
13/64 Raikou (13)
14/64 Suicine
15/64 Aerodactyl
16/64 Celebi
17/64 Entei (17)
18/64 Ho-Oh (18)
19/64 Kingdra
20/64 Lugia
21/64 Raichu
22/64 Raikou (22)
23/64 Skarmory
24/64 Sneasel
25/64 Starmie
26/64 Sudowoodo
27/64 Suicine
28/64 Flaaffy
29/64 Golbat
30/64 Graveler
31/64 Jynx
32/64 Lanturn
33/64 MagCargo
34/64 Octillery
35/64 Parasect
36/64 Piloswine
37/64 Seaking
38/64 Stantler
39/64 Unown B
40/64 Unown Y
41/64 Aipom
42/64 Chinchou
43/64 Farfetch'd
44/64 Geodude
45/64 Goldeen
46/64 Murkrow
47/64 Paras
48/64 Quagsire
49/64 Qwilfish
50/64 Remoraid
51/64 Shuckle
52/64 Skiploom
53/64 Slugma
54/64 Smoochum
55/64 Snubbull
56/64 Staryu
57/64 Swinub
58/64 Unown K
59/64 Zubat
60/64 Balloon Berry
61/64 Healing Field
62/64 Pokemon Breeder Fields
63/64 Rocket's Hideout
64/64 Old Rod
65/64 Shining Gyarados
66/64 Shining Magikarp

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